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Female Ejaculation

Does a woman ejaculate? The answer is a definite yes. With proper stimulation of the G-spot or “Goddess-spot”, women can ejaculate a fluid from ducts located around the urethra. The G-spot is located in the front wall of the vagina under the pubic bone. This is a spongy area two inches or more inside the yoni (vagina) — depending on the size of the yoni and the location of the clitoris. It is actually the “South Pole” of the clitoris.

Female ejaculation was documented in ancient China and India where Goddess-spot massage was a common Tantric sex technique. Tantric texts call the liquid produced amrita, or “sweet nectar.” It is a protein-based fluid, found to be chemically different from urine. It is believed to have great healing properties.

This knowledge is slowly coming to the awareness of non-Tantric people like Dr. Mitchell Levine, a gynecologist/obstetrician at the Women Care clinic, in Arlington, who declares that women do ejaculate. He believes that the hush-hush aura around the subject does not help women or men. He believes that is should become common knowledge.

Sexuality, and especially women’s sexuality, does not receive much attention in medical school. In fact, one female gynecologist approached for this story declined comment, admitting not to know enough about the subject.

Our in so many other ways advanced western culture is badly informed about human sensuality. Medical encyclopedias still do not mention female ejaculation. There is some information, however, in The Complete Guide to Women’s Health.

The quantity of amrita is not indicative of how much the woman enjoys her release, and the experience of female ejaculation varies from woman to woman.. Therefore, please men, don’t make the quantity or intensity of G-spot orgasms an issue.

Some woman I’ve worked with say they experience intense pleasurable feelings of release and often ejaculate three to nine times or more during one session of sex, each ejaculatory orgasm giving them more pleasure than the previous one. Some dribble a small amount of fluid; others soak the sheets.

Some women get concerned that they’re urinating, and they need to be reassured that this is not the case. It is amrita they secrete, not urine. In fact amrita does not smell or taste like urine.

The G-spot itself has been a subject of controversy since its “discovery” in 1944 by gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg. The “G” in the G-spot stands for Granfenberg. In the ’60s, sexologists Masters and Johnson announced that female orgasms occurred primarily through stimulation of the clitoris, not the vagina, where the G-spot is found. The G Spot (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston), a 1982 book by Beverly Whipple, Alice Ladas, and John Perry, refuted this claim and provides ample evidence that the G-spot exists. My colleague, Dr. Gary Schubach, wrote a very enlightening thesis on the G-spot. You can find it at http://www.doctorg.com.

Some feminists fear that widespread knowledge about female ejaculation will burden women with one more “trick” they must master in bed to feel fully orgasmic. While this is a true concern, I think that withholding knowledge is not the right approach. Educating women about their birthright to full enjoyment of their bodies is a positive approach.

Tantric approaches do not put any pressure on performance neither for males nor for females. In Tantra what is most important is the deep heart to heart connection and caring between the lovers while they experience the pleasure in lovemaking. The goal is connection and deepening intimacy, not performance.

Are you a woman interested in exploring this new part of your sexuality? Are you a man interested in learning how to support your woman? The fastest and easiest way to learn this technique is in a private session. Call now to schedule a session with me at 917-513-2500, or email me at carla@1tantra.com.

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  • nitin January 5, 2009, 1:58 pm

    i am just curious about one thing if stimulation is done aftifically with fingers on G spot its surely making pleasure for woman but does it keep woman healthy enough to be fertile and gave birth to kids after such an act. my question is can woman still conceive or become pregnant if she is ejaculating with fingers on G spot or it odes affect its reproductive system?