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Facing Major Life Transitions with Tantra

Life is change, and we are always changing, but there are specific times in life when so much changes that it throws us for a loop, because life is no longer as we knew it before. Menopause and andropause are both examples of those changes, and they can start as early as the ages of 38 through 55.

Hormones become unbalanced. For women, estrogen production diminishes, and for men, testosterone levels can plunge quite low. Emotionally, both men and women can become irritable for no apparent reason. Skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. Sound sleeping becomes a thing of the past. For women there are more drastic temperature changes and a real fear of getting old enters the psyche of both men and women.

In our society, menopause is more clearly defined perhaps because it is really obvious when menstruation stops. Women usually deal better than men with these changes. They are more inclined to talk to other women about it, and to look for information and medical support to re-establish hormonal balance.

Few men, however, are aware that similar changes are also happening for them. This period is called andropause. Men often seem to take their decline in libido and occasional erectile dysfunction personally and think that something is wrong with them.

Thanks to Viagra they now can fix problem -as long as they don’t have health problems that would impede them from taking Viagra or a similar substance. The problem with Viagra is that it does not take care of the emotional and spiritual connection that by now most men are longing for. I believe nature sets us up to be quite sexually active in our younger years to give birth to children when we are in our physical prime, and then it slows us down in order to take more time to go into real intimacy and connection to experience union of heart and spirit as well.

That’s when Tantra comes in to help. It bring the bright news that men can have the greatest of pleasure with multiple body orgasms while they deepen the connection with their lovers and learn to ride the wives of the female orgasm until they are very fulfilled. When women are thus fulfilled, they love to take care of their men and they can ride the male orgasms and take them all the way if they both want it. Ejaculation at that point becomes a choice.

Tantra connects sexual energy with heart energy to create a feast of pleasure that, when young, you might not have taken the time or you did not have the wisdom to delight in. Tantra offers excellent tools that you can absorb and apply in your love life with greatly pleasurable results to celebrate your midlife and beyond.

More time to invest in living more romantically, more passionately, more consciously the best years of your lives with the added wisdom and compassion that you have acquired through your life experience.
Of course, part of the wisdom is to health healthy, food, take deep breaths and connect with one another. And that is Tantric Wisdom.

Tantra offers the recipe for a more fulfilled life.

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  • Sexual Health Supplements March 6, 2010, 6:32 am

    Of course, unlike the woman, the primary organs of reproduction of the male sex include just the penis and the testes. But these organs, especially the testes, are under a complex cycle of hormonal and chemical influences. Problems with any of these could result in infertility or poor fertility.

  • Christopher Knighten May 28, 2010, 11:05 pm

    Cool, Facing Major Life Transitions with Tantra | 1tantra.com has got to be one of the top publications of all time