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Deeper Love – Allow Yourself to Be Imperfect

How do you keep your relationship afloat and moving toward the destination of deep love and union? By staying conscious as you are gliding through the high waters of life.

Are you conscious of when you start holding back emotional truths and thus clouding the clarity of consciousness? Clouding the clarity is only the beginning of the damage you do to your relationship. When you hold back your emotional truths, such as fear, jealousies, insecurities, and resentments… you create coolness in your relationship that slowly freezes the love that you have for each other, turning it into an iceberg.

The problem with having this iceberg lurking under the surface of the ocean of love, is that you never know when you are going to hit it and sink the ship.  Even such a powerful ship as the Titanic could not survive the hit against the ice block.  When you express what you are afraid to express, you melt that iceberg. Yes, you are making yourself vulnerable, but you are ensuring that the formation of an iceberg, the greatest danger to a relationship, does not happen.

We all would like to be perfect, to never make mistakes, to be smart and to make great decisions, to be always completely honest and open… However, sometimes even the best of us fails in some of those areas.   When that happens, the tendency is to isolate and hide the imperfections, but in doing so we are starting to close off our heart.

Are you awake enough in that moment of perceived “failure to be perfect” to overcome the instinct to hide it by taking a deep Ocean Breath?  Connecting to your core with the Ocean Breath will allow you to remember that now is the best time to reveal “your failure to meet your perfection quotient” to your lover and ask her or him to help you feel love.  You could ask your lover to hear you without criticizing you and offer you understanding, reassuring you that you are still loved.

You might end up actually making love.  For most of us, it is easier to love a vulnerable flower than a rock.

Have you ever experienced a similar reaction from your lover when you shared your vulnerability?

I would love to hear what your experience is.

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