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Dealing with Financial Stress

This week I received phone calls from several couples telling me they are fighting more than usual. Many say that the increased altercations are stirred up by discussion of how to deal with the diminished availability of funds. They were used to a certain standard and now they are blaming each other.

How do you deal with financial problems in your relationship?

Are you blaming your partner for not being a better provider or are supporting each other in making smart decision about the money you have now or brainstorming how to deal with what is intelligently?

How about spending more quality time hugging, caressing each other bringing out the nurturer in each other, instead of the demanding part of you?

Tantra can help with this. It teaches that making love does not have to end in intercourse. Sometimes just connecting with a soft smile and a heart felt hug can bring richness into your heart that predispose you to a longer lovemaking that includes intercourse later on.

Lack of funds can some time bring up great creativity and deeper connection in your relationships.

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