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Dealing with a Sudden Job Loss

“My husband lost his job and I feel stressed having him moping around the house”, a friend of mine confided in me yesterday. I told her that I understand the difficulty of the situation, and I invited her to use the extra time they have together to create the atmosphere of romance and have really hot sex. Out of the energy that you thus produce together, he might be more motivated to spruce up his resume … or even come up with something they both could co-create , perhaps an internet business.

She was really enthusiastic about my proposal and sent me a thank you card, saying “It was hot! Thank you, Carla! We feel much better about the whole thing, and we are putting our two smart heads together to create a business supporting people who have been laid off.”

When the financial situation is bad and we are feeling stressed, we are tempted to focus inward and give in to anxiety or depression. Connecting intimately with our lover can re-energize us and transform our view of the situation, and two heads are always better than one!

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