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Tantra Training & Certification

Master the Ancient Art and Science Of Tantra
Help Your Clients Awaken & Expand Their Sexual Energy to its Highest Potential

Become a Certified Daka/Dakini!
Learn to Transmit the Mystery of Love!

May 4th to 7th, 2018: Fri 6-9pm, Sat to Mon 9am-5pm

To register, call 917-513-2500 or email me

Are you interested in learning tools that you can incorporate into your professional setting?

This training is designed for dedicated people who work—or would like to work—with others to facilitate personal growth and ecstatic awakening in the growing area of relationships, and spirituality.

This course will help you create the relationships and personal paths that are right for you and your clients and help you expand the work you are doing way beyond what you thought was possible.

Whether or not you are planning on becoming a teacher, this training is an adventure and an invitation to explore, practice and integrate into all facets of your own life.

Learn to share Tantra practices with your clients in short events, private coaching sessions with couples and individuals, or in introductory weekend workshops.
Discover your own teaching and coaching voice.

I teach a holistic, loving and systematic approach to intimacy and relationship coaching that invites people to move beyond shame, clarify their needs and boundaries and how to enjoy life.

Course includes:

  • Body / Mind Techniques
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Emotional Processing Skills
  • Energy Work
  • Breath Practices
  • Subtle, Non-Verbal Communication Tools
  • Relationship Guidance
  • Tantric Ritual and Practices to Facilitate the Healing Process
  • Healing Sounds for Each Chakra
  • Modern Tantra vs. Ancient Tantra

With this certification you can share Tantra practices with your friends, family, partner and  if you want to work with clients you can do so in short events, private coaching sessions with couples and individuals.

Many people who have taken this course have gone on to start a lucrative career in Tantra and coaching. This is a rewarding investment that yields both spiritually and monetary returns.

The 30 years of teaching Tantra have been my best years. They have given me the gift to help many couples and singles and be paid well enough to create my dream house/temple in Maui.

Treat yourself to a life-changing profession! If you are a healer, want to learn tantra, are looking to be a sex / relationship coach, want to heal past emotional wounds and traumas, want to deepen self-knowledge or just want to expand your knowledge, come join us!

Start your own lucrative and fulfilling business by creating a positive influence on other people’s lives! Transform into a confident muse in the sacred industry of Tantra!

Many studies support the importance of releasing sexual repression to create a happier and abundant life.  Freud’s lectures show that the subconscious is largely composed of sexually repressed feelings. Tantra is the practice to release these feelings.

My experience shows that everyone who practices Tantra
consistently enjoys a great sex life and a fulfilling relationship.

Are you ready to unlock the greatness within you?

In the Dakini Certification Course you will study:

  • How to raise Kundalini energy, worship the divine feminine and activate the chakras
  • Compassionate communication, sound healing, breath work and classic Tantra techniques including Sex Magic
  • The Ocean Breath – my signature breath– for relaxation, waking up energy, release of shame and guilt, and for deeper connection
  • Important breathing techniques, PC muscle training, ejaculation control, and giving Tantric Massage, Goddess Sacred Spot Healing massage and God (Male) Sacred Spot Healing.
  • You will learn how to guide your partner to extend orgasms and experience multiple full body orgasms when ready.
  • Tantric modalities of pleasure on 3 types of kissing and honoring the sex center
  • Oral lingam and yoni
  • Waking up and controlling inner energy (the life force)
  • White Tantra-clenching rituals
  • Awakening Kundalini in a safe way
  • Discussions on safe sex
  • Instruction for Tantra massage for men and women… and practice
  • Clitoral strokes
  • Lingam strokes
  • Sacred spot massage
  • Prostate massage (g-spot for men)
  • PC muscle training
  • Ejaculation control
  • Knowledge of how chakras can influence orgasms
  • Sex Magic to attract love and abundance
  • Expanded notes the you can consult
  • Marketing
  • As a certified Daka / Dakini / Tantrika / Relationship Coach you will also learn the business side of this rewarding profession:
    • Defining your own specialty
    • Conveying it professionally and effectively on your website
    • Providing ongoing client support
    • Handling marketing
    • Exploring the potential of social networking to connect powerfully with people seeking Tantra and Sexual Healing

You will receive a packet of take-home materials to get your practice started

Participants also get a chance to heal their own issues during the course.

Course days & times:  Friday evening 6-9 pm; Saturday to Monday 9am-5pm daily.

After-course support: As you are setting up your practice and working with your first clients, you may have questions. I want to make sure you succeed in your new career, so your course fee includes:

  • 6 months of unlimited email access for questions,
  • a monthly 1-hour strategy call,
  • and membership in my private Facebook group where you will be part of a supportive lively group of dakas & dakinis. 

Want to know more? Call 917-513-2500 or email me.



Registration and deposit must be received by April 16th.

FEES:  Course fee is $2450.

 A $750 deposit is required in order to register for the class. Your training actually begins with your deposit – when you make the financial commitment to the class, you align yourself in action with your intent and purpose. It is a powerful first step in your Tantric practice.



Remaining payment of $1700 to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to start of the to class. Please contact me to discuss a payment plan if you need it.

Bring-a-friend Get-a-discount: If you invite a friend or partner who enrolls in the training with you, you receive a $600 discount on your registration fee (a 25% discount), bringing your course fee down to $1850 total. Let us know your friend’s name so we can process your discount.

Repeating students: Former students may repeat the course for 50% discount off the course price. This does not include the free private session. Phone support is also available for returning students at the discounted rate of $99/hour.

Cancellations and Refunds:A cancellation fee of $200 will be withheld from any course fee refund.


For students who prefer one-on-one training, a private certification program is available for $2975.




LOCATION: Carla’s New York workshops are held at a private studio at 72nd street between Broadway and West End Ave NY, NY 10023.

Here’s what one of my students said about my Dakini Training:

“The time I spent training with Carla was life-changing. Carla is one of the most loving, open, caring and wise people I have had the pleasure of working with. 

I have been active in my own person growth for 25 years and have helped many people work through their own obstacle on their journey to wholeness and happiness. 

The missing piece to achieving true joy, bliss and freedom for others, and myself I believe, is what Carla taught me over the time that we spent together. 

The information and knowledge that I received from Carla was priceless. The personal insights I gained while being in her presence, were achieved because of her compassion, intuitiveness and understanding of the human experience. Carla has not only changed my life for the better but will be impacting others with her teachings through me. She is truly a unique and shining light in her approach and in her ability to change peoples lives for the better.” -Alissa Cohen


Another recent student raved:EdFell2016

“What I learned from my surrendering to Goddess Tara’s teachings has been invaluable in my whole of my life. You are an impeccable teacher who is a gift to the planet. I am grateful to you forever.”
~Ed Fell, psychotherapist and coach



From a new Daka:

I wanted to thank you again for all your wisdom and technique.

Last evening I performed a complete healing on my wife. It took her a while to put her walls down but in the end she released a lot of trauma and had a very orgasmic experience. She wept and released a lot of trauma from her early childhood.

She was so thankful and grateful for the healing. Learning your techniques really helped me to become a better healer and a better lover. I truly appreciate and honor you.

All my love, Shae O’

And another new Dakini:

I just want to say Thank You sooooooooo much. I am so grateful for the experience and knowledge that you gave me. I will actually be seeing my first client this Wednesday. You are such a blessing and you have such a beautiful heart. I can only hope I will be able to help others the way you helped me.

Much Love & Blessings, Flor