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Private Tantra Sessions

To schedule a private Tantra session call (917) 513-2500 or email carla@1tantra.com
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Carla is an exceptional private sessions specialist, and is passionate about helping individuals and couples to revitalize your own and – if you are in a relationship- each other’s sexual flow, power, fun and stamina.

Private Sessions can help with:  issues of connection, self-expression, communication, and heightening passion in marriage, or she can focus on  a particular issue such as lack of confidence, recovery from trauma, or struggling with feelings of shame for the body or sexuality.

What happens in a session is extraordinary.  Carla  witnesses people melt sometimes years-old resentments, shame and guilt and leave lighter and happier.  This is so important to create a deeper connection between your heart and your sex center so you can  fully express yourself emotionally and sexually and  reach levels of ecstasy you never thought possible.

Carla’s  psychotherapy background followed by three decades of intense Tantrika work have given her the gift to provide — as one couple described it – “Deep, direct laser-beam insights” into unconscious relationship patterns.

As you can read in her testimonials, Carla is known for her warm approach and incredible ability to transmit experiential knowledge of Tantra with its many benefits for both men and women. In her sessions you will learn how to keep this connection fresh and rich.

Carla’s Location for Private Sessions:

Carla offers her one-on-one private sessions in New York.

If you live elsewhere and would like a private session, please contact Carla at 1tantra.com to discuss possible travel arrangements for serious students who want to spend at least a day with her. Carla is also available for Telephone and Skype sessions.

**Carla’s private sessions are very individualized to suit the needs of her clients. If you don’t see a description that matches what you are seeking, please contact Carla to discuss your needs.


For Couples

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“I wanted to thank you for helping me connect with my partner. He spends more time looking into my eyes and we spend more valuable time together. After the session I have started to let go of the anger that I was feeling inside. It’s amazing how me and my partner connect with each other and breathe together. You’re a Goddess sent. Thank you so much.” – Anne and Robert

Carla’s extensive training as a couple’s counselor and as a psychotherapist gives her a unique insight into the dynamics of relationships.  Carla’s private sessions are for you if you have:

  • Difficulty with balancing passion with intimacy
  • If you are no longer “seeing” or “hearing” each other
  • If only one of you want to expanded knowledge of pleasure and eroticism and the other is more reserved
  • Want to experience touching a subtle form of communication

Couples sessions can include:

  • Understanding and learning how to give and receive pleasure
  • Learning how to bring each other to one or several orgasms
  • Breathing, soul-gazing and energy exchange
  • Bringing lightheartedness and variety into intercourse
  • Different Kama Sutra positions
  • Yab-yum connection and more

For more detailed information please read the description for men and women,  These techniques will be selectively used in couples sessions according to both your awareness, needs and desires.




For Men

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The Essence of Tantric Sexuality is the ability to connect sex with love.  That brings sex to much higher and incredibly more enjoyable levels.

Here is what you can learn & experience in Carla’s sessions:

  • To receive a relaxing and pleasurable Tantric massage that will take you out of yourcritical thinking and connects you deeply with your energy body. You will feel your whole body tingle
  • To express sexually both in a flow with her woman as well as in a more controlled and powerful way to extend the pleasure for as long as you decide
  • Techniques to expand and bask in the glow of your sexual energy before you need to control it
  • Techniques to communicate with a woman in a way she really feels understood. When you use these communication techniques her heart opens and heart and yoni are the superhighway for the woman, just as for most men it’s the brain and the sex. You will learn to energetically you speak the same language and rise in love with each other. She will more easily surrender to many orgasms
  • Techniques to awaken and balance your energy centers (chakras) so energy can flow unhindered
  • Breathing techniques to use at different stages of lovemaking to reach the highestpotential
  • Techniques to control the direction of your sexual energy so you can last longer
  • Techniques covering many modalities of sensuous touch
  • Oral techniques that will take your woman to altered states
  • Techniques to deeply pleasure your woman, including her g spot
  • Techniques for men who have difficulty surrendering to orgasm
  • If you had previous Tantra sessions or schedule longer sessions I will include Techniques to massage and pleasure your prostate glands, which will take you to similar places of ecstasy as your woman when she experiences her g spot orgasm
  • Practice extended orgasms and body orgasms
  • Lovemaking techniques based on the Kama Sutra.

Working with Carla, you will be surprised that after only a few minutes you will feel really comfortable and energized.  This makes it easy for you to open up and express your possible apprehensions, intentions, and desires.

Based on Carla’s vast experience, the most efficient minimum time for a Tantric session is 2 hours.  Carla’s clients are stunned by how quickly they can see their core issues and start making positive changes in their love life.

Although you can learn a lot from one session, if you want to bring home what you are learning on your way to becoming a Tantric master, 3 consecutive session can give you the basis to enjoy life long results. Carla will design simple, but important “home-play” exercises in-between sessions that will prepare you maximize your progress. In only 3 sessions you can learn amazing Tantric secrets to enrich your love life forever.

For people who come to NYC only occasionally, Carla strongly recommends longer sessions.

Carla’s sessions are life-transforming…  (read the rave reviews from previous clients). Many men decide to come back with their woman after 2 sessions and use her as a coach to enhance all their lovemaking skills and connect deeply on every level.

Tantric lovemaking goes beyond techniques, nourishing and enlivening your life in many ways.

Serious students of Tantra will enjoy learning techniques to prolong your states of arousal for as long as you choose.  The ability to do so will create profound shifts in consciousness and sexual/spiritual ecstasy.

To  serious  tantric students and/or if you are out of town, or out of the country  Carla also offer full one- or two-day sessions.

If you already had Tantra session from other Tantrikas, you will enjoy the difference in working with Carla. You will enjoy her welcoming, openhearted approach, and her sense of  humor and her passion. She will personalize the session so you can achieve and integrate the deepest Tantric experience.




For women:

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“The session was fabulous. Thank you. Your energy is amazing. My husband was grateful that I opened up. He notices the difference. He is actually encouraging me to practice what I have learned from you. Thanks for making it so safe and enjoyable.” 
- Katherine

As a woman you have unique desires and unique obstacles…I design my sessions for women with this in mind.

Carla will work at a comfortable pace for you, in a sensuous space where you feel safe and welcome.

In my sessions you can expect to learn:

  • How to love your body
  • How to discover what you truly desire
  • How to express what you desire in such a way that your partner is excited to give pleasure to you
  • How to receive without thinking it’s your turn to give back. Know that when you fully receive you are giving him the pleasure of turning you on. There will be reciprocity, but it will come naturally from your heart, not from your head
  • How to strengthen you love muscles to get better orgasms
  • How to become orgasmic: achieve clitoral, g spot and blended orgasms, as well as X spot orgasms
  • All the techniques of moving and sending energy and that I’ve described for me are powerful for women, too.



Cancellation & Refund Policy