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Change Your Reality from Worry to Joy with Tantra

How to Change Your Emotional State from Worry to Joy with TantraThe past several months have been a very stressful time for many. At times like this, when many are feeling vulnerable or worried, it’s important to remember that real security comes from within.

When the world around you is changing and rearranging, it is a good time to evaluate what is important to you.

One question that can help you transform from worry to trust and security and creating high vibration in your body is:

“What would your life be like if you let go of all the ways you’ve been sabotaging your joy, freedom, fulfilled relationships, financial success, health and peace?“

Take a moment to live in the vision of that reality. It’s a very powerful question. Feel how different your life could be.

Now, how do you get there?

 If you have ever been joyous, you know that you can see the humor in almost everything. You can laugh even about your own foibles, and encourage others to feel acceptance of theirs.

Laughing is good for you: it creates endorphins and it makes you likeable.  When you laugh, you’re experiencing Joy, and joy is a very high vibration. Joy optimizes your mental powers at any age.

A smile can also be disarming, and when used with compassion, it can touch any heart.

Tantra is the tool that can get you from worry and confusion to joy.

Tantra is the science and art that helps you see things as they are, but in a lighthearted way.  It helps men and women produce orgasms that create joy that the mind cannot understand; it creates healing, heightens sensuous pleasure,  increases connection, and builds self-esteem.   

I think everyone would profit from learning even the simple truths of Tantra.

For more advanced students, Tantra teaches Sex Magic, a ritual that directs sexual energy to make your deepest desire come through.  My deepest desire was to find a man I can do regular Sex Magic with, at a very high vibration of energy, and I found him within 3 months of doing my Sex Magic ritual.  

Sex Magic happens when the intention is clearly to add conscious pleasure and orgasmic energy to the energy of the heart and the power centers.  Heart, Gut, and Sex Center are an invincible Trio.  That’s the powerful basis from which all the other energy centers open.  

Now I call it Sex Magic, because it feels like magic happens as your reality transforms, but it’s really science.  When you are in this place of body/mind/spirit unity, you are in the best place to see myriads of possibilities, to create what you desire, and to find the courage to follow through.

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