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Can Better Sex Save A Marriage in Trouble?

A sexually hot relationship is very often the answer to many marital problems.

Most relationship problems stem from a deterioration of sexual interest in each other while sex was very high priority on your list.

Why? When you just met you usually project all the best qualities to you partner and lovemaking is spontaneous. You see her as the best thing that ever happened to you. She is a Goddess and you feel lucky that she is in your life. The man you fell in love with is God-like and perfect. Intuitively you give each other what you need and want. Communication is flowing and entertaining.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Then, often between 6 months and 2 years you feel like you fell from Paradise. Your natural intuition you had at the beginning is clogged up by expectations, power struggle, and anger that this heavenly relationship is turning into a pragmatic and difficult one.

Communication no longer happens naturally because your thoughts are often no longer loving and you want to keep them secret. You start projecting to your lovers the negative qualities of the parent you had most trouble with.

Since your intuition is clogged with feelings other than admiration and love you need help to regain attraction.

This is the time to acquire the Tantric techniques that open up your heart and intuition to see the real person and this time “rise in love” with your man and your woman.

Tantra covers a variety of techniques to reignite the love, to keep it growing in awareness, and to make love to each other that is very satisfying and passionate. Yes, this is possible even after several years of neglect and blame.

With this knowledge she no longer finds excuses to avoid making love, and even initiates the lovemaking at times. He can’t wait to give her all the time she needs to have several orgasms and recover the energy spent with your work, the kids, etc.

Edward and Alison came to see me because they no longer felt the attraction for each other, but were ready give the marriage a last try with Tantra. They trusted a friend who suggested they see me. We scheduled a longer sessions because there was a lot of stuff covering up the love in their marriage – but it was still there underneath.

Because of their willingness to get to the core of their challenges they cleared out the resistance to love. Then they came in as a couple who was eager to learn the Tantric techniques they needed. Two weeks later they send me the following thank you note:

Dear Carla,

Thank you for your caring, compassion, creativity and genuine love for what you do. Because of you we are now communicating our needs and desires and we are eager to fulfill each other wishes sexually. We feel closer emotionally and even spiritually.

Is your marriage less than you wish it could be?

Contact me at carla@1tantra.com or 917-513-2500 to talk about how I can help you.


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