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Being Present for Stronger Orgasms

Tantric OrgasmOrgasms for women get better and more intense if they understand their bodies and their partners learn some Tantric principles.

Women are very powerful sexually, however for most women their sexual energy does not open up until their heart opens.

This is important for men to know who jump easily from sexy thoughts to erections and look at foreplay as a means to get her ready as fast as possible for intercourse. They think they know what spots to touch and what to do to get her there so they can finally enjoy the “main course” of their pleasurable meal: intercourse.

For most women, intercourse is not as important as it is for men. For most women what feels good one day might be unpleasant the next because her feelings change. A man who does not tune into his woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual state, misses out on the deepest connection they could have as well as the build-up of trust and deeper love.

A woman needs to be seen and appreciated for who she is, way before going to the bedroom. To transform lovemaking into an experience of ecstasy, both partners need to pay attention to each other during the day. Catching each other in the act of doing something right, or expressing gratefulness or excitement to each other is one of the best preparations for lovemaking.

When a women feels seen and appreciated she opens her heart, she feels grateful to be with you; she might even surprise you by initiating lovemaking.

Too many women tell me that they fake orgasms, just to let him finish. They do not ask for what they need sexually, because sometimes they do not even know what they need to become orgasmic, and the how-to articles they read in magazines do not help.

Tantra is the answer to all of that. Tantra teaches a woman to know her body and what feels good and how to express it in a way that has a man loving to give it to her.

Tantra teaches a man to approach lovemaking by responding to his partner in the moment, and then skillfully taking her to the place of spiritual connection and real intimacy.

Without this attention and presence, a woman needs longer stimulation than a man, and might never reach the orgasms she longs for. On the other hand, when she feels connected emotionally and spiritually with her man, she will have a more fulfilling sexual response.

Soul gazing, a tantric hug, and lingering kisses can wake up deeper feelings and a desire for merging, which connects on all chakra levels and gets the sexual juices flowing.

Thankfully, Tantra helps men be more present, pay attention to her pace and notice her very eloquent body feedback. If you do not have a partner you can enjoy Tantra with your own energy, using your intention, breath, sound and movement, the 4 main keys of Tantra.

If you are interested in learning Tantra there is a great opportunity coming up on June 28th at Tantra to Heal the Soul at the Open Center. If you are single, you also have a chance to meeting like-minded people and perhaps connect to practice, and if you are a couple you will enjoy learning together. It’s a very fun event!

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  • Dave August 1, 2015, 12:50 am

    My dear lady friend of pleasure I left you a long message and questions about your being on twitter is like an orgasm @rodeorosary Dave lane great to see you there thanks for all your help and advice I could stand before you in my neckedness and tell you everything bless you fixing to try a tantric explore and learn take care Dave

  • Carla Tara August 2, 2015, 2:15 pm

    Dave, thank you so much for your loving comments. If you are interested in coaching, you can find more information here on the website, and I can be reached by email at carla@1tantra.com. Blessings!