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Avoiding Frustration by Staying Present

Have you ever felt stupid for not checking if the people serving you in a store gave you the right size item? Or if your cab driver got you to the right destination?

Well, I really felt stupid today, when I was left at the wrong destination by a cab driver. He actually drove well and with confidence. I trusted he knew the neighborhood. When he stopped I gave him a good tip, and I was happy that I lucked out with a driver that did not make my stomach upset by sudden stops and starts. 

However, when I realized I was left at the wrong address, I went through a series of emotions: anger at him first, then at myself for not checking, then a tiny moment of “why me?” Then, I remembered to take a couple of deep breaths, which I call Ocean Breaths, and I immediately felt compassion for the our human nature that seems to have a hard time staying always present and conscious. The driver had apparently reversed the number I’ve given him and I was left five avenues away from my destination. I took three Ocean Breaths, and decided to accept it. Immediately after my acceptance of “what is,” I found the best solution. I would have been late if I walked all the way to the right address, so I just walked to the next corner and took another cab. This time, I was really careful to make sure he left me at the right place.

In essence, I gave myself another opportunity to practice staying present. It was fun to observe my ability to accept what is as fast as I did. I went through the feelings of anger at lightening speed—instead of staying at the effect of those emotions for a long time and creating stress in my body—and I arrived on time for my meeting.

Have you ever observed that your ability to be present increases when you are in a calm state? I invite you to stay calm and present today to begin a successful week.

Many Blessings,

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