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Achieving Multiple Orgasms with Tantra

Knowledge of Tantra seems to be reaching more people than ever. More men and women then even just a month ago are expressing a new interest in Tantra because they have heard from a friend, or read in a magazine or blog, that with the help of Tantra you can live up to your full potential as a lover. If you are one of them, you understand that it is smart to use the greatest energy we have available – your sexual energy – to create more pleasure, more love, more health, more abundance and unearth an even a greater sense of humor. Haven’t you noticed that when you are happy and fulfilled, you are more inclined to smile and to laugh at jokes (even when they aren’t that good)?

This is definitely good news, and what makes me feel even better is that women are finally freeing themselves of the negative myths about Tantra that have circulated over the years from unenlightened sources. One of these deleterious myths is that Tantra is equivalent to porn, and that men want you to get involved in it because they want a porn experience with you. Nothing can be further from the truth!

I have already written several articles on the multiple benefits of Tantra that you can find on my website. What I want to concentrate on here is the importance of women discovering that they can have multiple orgasms before they decide or allow to squeeze out their fluids.

I remember that the first time I tried to mimic what I was teaching men. I teach them to slow down your hip movements almost to stillness,  and then take the energy that wants to explode, and raise it up through the chakra column to your heart and your higher brain and there transform it into love and light before you breathe it out, sending it back down. This powerful build up of sexual energy that was imminently ready to erupt is instead transformed into a more expansive, heart opening energy that stimulates you immediately to go for another round, and another, and yet another until your whole body trembles with love and pleasure. It is just as incredible to experience as a woman as it is for you men.

Ladies, when men witness you experiencing this, they go into blissful states – because their greatest wish, which is to bring a women to multiple orgasms, is being fulfilled. There is nothing that produces higher self-esteem in a man than assisting his woman to reach these high levels of pleasure. Of course, if he does the Tantric breathing, he’s riding her waves of bliss along with her, and when he’s ready to receive from her, he definitely experience the different, more exquisite quality of pleasure in the giving she lavishes on him.

Women naturally want to give back once they are full, and they usually give back more than any man could expect. It is given to him with such abandon and glory that is indescribable.

The last thing I want to do with this information is to create in women any pressure for women to achieve multiple body orgasms. I just want to encourage you to experiment with it. Of course if there are any blocks along the chakra column, you might need some help from a professional love coach or Tantrika.

Please do not become achievement oriented. It is tough enough for men to get away from that. Some of you already feel pressure to achieve clitoral orgasm, g spot orgasm, cervix orgasm, and then there are some videos on squirting that could intimidate any woman!

Multiple body orgasms have very little to do with squirting fluids – multiple orgasms in men and women are about pleasure, not ejaculation. Female ejaculation can actually happen quite naturally at the end, when you feel very full to bursting of energy and bliss, and want to get ready to give back to your man.  As a woman, you don’t lose any energy by ‘ejaculating’ fluids, because your fluids don’t contain semen. But remember, you can have multiple full body orgasms without ejaculation that are just as high as (or higher than!) the ones accompanied by fluid release. The pleasure of orgasm, and the ejaculation of fluid never have to happen together.

Go for allowing yourself to feel all the pleasure your heart desires, and your spirit will rejoice with you giving your body more health, amazingly vibrant eyes and velvety skin, more relaxation and joy that you can spread to your lover, friends and family, and – why not – even to strangers.

Multiple body orgasms are the best way I know to contribute to joy and peace in the world. No one can take away from you your right to express your love.

Unlike the economy, the more you spend, the more abundant you are.

Interested in achieving your highest potential as a lover and experiencing your own muliple orgasms?

I can help!

Call 917-513-2500 or email carla@1tantra.com to schedule your private session.

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