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11-11-11 – all these 1s make up a single 1 –
1 to the power of 1 is still one

Today it’s a celebration of coming home to who we are, a facet of an enormous diamond. It is time to accept and celebrate our oneness with each other, the earth and all that is.

Our history shows that war has not brought peace When we think of ourselves as separate it is easy to make another the enemy When we think and feel we are one then there is peace.

Yet knowing this on an intellectual level does not help much. It is almost impossible to feel One when you are divided inside, split between thinking and feeling, between left and right brain. Today is the beginning of integrating all of who we are.

Acceptance precedes integration. you need to accept your shadow side instead of fighting it
Accept that it is there and reflect on the consequences that it creates if acted out
When our shadow side is left undetected
you can not choose to transform it into love, our only hope for integrating all of who we are and feel the pleasure of Union.

The Revolution to the old ways of thinking is exciting. Revolution without the R = evolution.

How willing are we to actually evolve? Today is the perfect day to reflect on it. I would love to hear your thoughts too.

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