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Carla Tara - The Intimacy Expert


  • Are you tired of everyday “regular” sex that brings you only temporary pleasure followed by boredom?
  • Are you frustrated by problems with erection or orgasm, looking for a solution that brings you the control you want?
  • Are you struggling under the weight of abuse or hurt in your past?
  • Do you want to recover the sexual excitement you had when you first met?
  • Do you want to take your lovemaking to new heights, making it the foundation of incredible love and connectedness?

I’m Carla Tara, and I’ve spent 30 years helping people like you transform their sexual relationships into sources of great pleasure, boundless energy, and deep intimate connection.

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Last year on the Fourth of July, I had an experience that I never had before. I stood right under fireworks that exploded right above me. While my eyes were taking in the incredible beauty of the show I was feeling the explosions in my heart. The explosions reminded me of a fantastic, romantic night I spent the weekend before. I felt little bursts of pleasure in all the cells of my body…

It was awesome. I was feeling so energized and excited that I skipped all the way home.

However, I want you to know that sometimes orgasms can be quiet and very deep. At other times, you know you are not able to have an orgasm at all. Women sometimes feel that they have to fake an orgasm with high sounds and fast breathing in order not to disappoint their lovers. Men who might know about explosive orgasms might measure their own ability as lovers, by a woman’s ability to have explosive orgasms.

What would you do then? You might ask yourself, “should I fake it or not?

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What do Tantra & Spring have in common?Winter is nearing its’ end, and now we can look forward to spring, when Nature opens her Heart. As the heat of the sun warms the earth, it will explode in exuberant joy expressed in colorful flowers and new leaves.

The new warmth encourages our hearts to open up as well.

As the energy of springtime seduces us out of our winter shelters, we take more time to walk together in nature.  Couples can stop and hug and kiss without fear of catching a cold, or the flu!   Passion that might have cooled down and become almost dormant in the winter is renewed, invigorated, re-energized! [click to continue…]

Do you remember the first time you kissed? 

How you may have felt the magical, magnetic pull toward each other, slowed your impulse to kiss by taking the time to smell the subtle aromas of your lover’s pheromones, taking the time to slowly touch the back of their neck and their hair, enjoying the enchanting facial expressions and  the deep breaths that preceded your first kiss?

Has that kiss now become a short peck?  If you said yes, you may be letting habits take over your love life, and you’re putting your relationship in danger.

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The song of the Golden Dakini from the Tibetan Buddhist traditionThe Tibetan Buddhist tradition is incredibly rich and inspiring.  It includes a pantheon of buddhas and dakinis who embody all the different personalities or essences of humanity.

Each ‘character’ in the pantheon has their own poem or song of meditation. 

One of the most beautiful is the song of the Golden Dakini. It is a beautiful praise to the divine feminine essence as healer, caretaker, mother and spiritual guide. It inspires me as a coach, and I hope it inspires you as well:

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The importance of positive body image“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  ~ Marilyn Monroe

Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we all looked alike, even if we were all perfectly beautiful?

Can you be seductive even when you don’t have the perfect ‘beauty pageant’ body?

Are you comfortable being sexy with your lover even though your thighs are “too flabby” and your breasts aren’t high and perky anymore? 

Can you even imagine that he might like your thighs and your breasts just the way they are?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may be struggling against the brain-washing of a world that is always teaching women to judge our bodies against impossible standards.

When we internalize critical judgements about our bodies and our looks, we build a wall between us and pleasure.   [click to continue…]