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  • Are you tired of everyday “regular” sex that brings you only temporary pleasure followed by boredom?
  • Are you frustrated by problems with erection or orgasm, looking for a solution that brings you the control you want?
  • Are you struggling under the weight of abuse or hurt in your past?
  • Do you want to recover the sexual excitement you had when you first met?
  • Do you want to take your lovemaking to new heights, making it the foundation of incredible love and connectedness?

Carla Tara - The Intimacy Expert


I’m Carla Tara, and I’ve spent 30 years helping people like you transform their sexual relationships into sources of great pleasure, boundless energy, and deep intimate connection.

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The Art of Touching

Just as knowing techniques of painting doesn’t necessarily make you an artist, knowing tantric techniques does not necessarily make you a good lover.

A good artist goes within and feels what and how he or she wants to express. A good artist doesn’t remember what strokes to make… they dig deep into their own feelings to express the object being painted.

Similarly, when you touch your lover, it’s important to approach it artistically. You dig deep into your own feelings and are present to your lover who’s receiving your touch.

When you touch, choose to express your deep love. You become profoundly present to your touch, feeling your hands flooded with love energy and you are tuning into your lover and feel how he or she wants to be touched.

So basically, you need to be present both to your giving touch and to the receiver receiving it.

What can you do if they are not present? Is there something your can whisper in their ears that will take them away from their thinking mind into the here and now? When we are not present, we are thinking or expecting a result.

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French kissing probably is the signature kissing during the ‘falling in love’ period.

Sadly, for most couples, however, it’s a common sign that the romantic love has taken a backseat. It is wonderful to see couples enjoying kissing with perfect concentration where ever they find themselves, completely ignoring who’s around them. They lustfully merge with each other’s energy and fluids, which starts to speed up the production of happy hormones.

Unfortunately, most lovers who have been together for more that 2 or 3 years, avoid French kissing and substitute it with smooching or pecking kisses that in most cases diminish instead of increasing the turn on.

Why does this happen?

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Couple enjoying tantric foreplay

Did you know that there are 3 tantric levels of foreplay that set the stage for the highest experience you could imagine?

Good lovers know that foreplay is a very important part of really fulfilling lovemaking, but only great lovers are aware that foreplay begins even before touching and kissing.

In fact, there are two levels of foreplay before touching and kissing.

The steps that precede foreplay, which I call “pre-foreplay” are essential, and yet not most men no nothing about them, or they are so driven to speed up lovemaking by the impelling energy in their sex center that wants to release, that they just ignore these steps.

But, when you skip over pre-foreplay, you miss out on incredible heights of pleasure in your lovemaking. [click to continue…]

Spring is about potential, and energy bursting into action. Nature is coming out of hibernation everywhere and sprouting billions of flowers and leaves.

Our human heart wants to sprout, too. It wants to give life to a new, fresher, deeper love. We long to celebrate life’s infinite abundance and joyous expression with our human nature, giving spring a brighter color.

And the best way I know to celebrate the coming of the spring season is Tantric Lovemaking! [click to continue…]

Woman lying in bed
Last year on the Fourth of July, I had an experience that I never had before. I stood right under fireworks that exploded right above me. While my eyes were taking in the incredible beauty of the show I was feeling the explosions in my heart. The explosions reminded me of a fantastic, romantic night I spent the weekend before. I felt little bursts of pleasure in all the cells of my body…

It was awesome. I was feeling so energized and excited that I skipped all the way home.

However, I want you to know that sometimes orgasms can be quiet and very deep. At other times, you know you are not able to have an orgasm at all. Women sometimes feel that they have to fake an orgasm with high sounds and fast breathing in order not to disappoint their lovers. Men who might know about explosive orgasms might measure their own ability as lovers, by a woman’s ability to have explosive orgasms.

What would you do then? You might ask yourself, “should I fake it or not?

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